Virginia Tech Police Department

Bomb Threat

Officer Larry Wooddell and Explosives Canine Boomer

Officer Larry Wooddell and Explosives Canine Boomer

A bomb threat may come to the attention of the receiver in various ways. It is important to compile as much information as possible. Please DO NOT attempt to notify or evacuate an entire building as this could consume valuable time that would be better used to gather important information. Please keep in mind that the vast majority of bomb threats are false and are primarily intended to elicit a response from the building occupants. In the case of a written threat, it is vital that the document be handled by as few people as possible, as this is evidence that should be turned over to the Virginia Tech Police. If the threat should come via e-mail, make sure to save the information on your computer. Most bomb threats are transmitted over the telephone; thus, the following instructions are provided with that assumption.

  • Immediate Action

  • Decision

  • Subsequent Procedures/Information